Pictures, pictures, pictures

One of the best parts of my job is that I’ve gotten to learn a ton of photography skills while on the clock.

I’ve worked with several super-talented photojournalists over the years. I’m lucky that they all have been willing to share their knowledge with me and give me tips on my work.

Photography is my hobby — I mostly shoot my nieces, nephews and godchildren! — but it’s turned into a valuable workplace skill, too.

I also have the good fortune of going to amazing places and meeting interesting people. I get to interview them, write about them and try and capture them in pictures. It’s a fun challenge.

I’ve added a new page with a few of  my favorite pictures from the last couple years. I welcome feedback!

And if you’re into photography, check out these great photographers I’ve worked with:  Colleen Dugan Losh, Paul W. Gillespie, Alison Harbaugh, Joshua McKerrow and Shannon Lee Zirkle.

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