Bay forum was a success

The “Bay at a Crossroads” forum that I’ve been fretting about and endlessly hyping through e-mail, Twitter and Facebook came off well yesterday.

We had a good crowd — at least 100 — and they seemed to be very engaged. Our panelists gave some interesting comments. And I didn’t screw up my slideshow presentation.

You can read a news story summarizing the event and even catch some video highlights. My slideshow also has been posted as a PDF file.

A big round of thanks is due to Tom Marquardt, the  publisher of The Capital who conceived the idea, and managing editor Loretta Haring, who did much of the organizing. Jennifer Hlad of Capital News Service and Dr. Dan Nataf of Anne Arundel Community College did a great job helping me moderate. The Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts staff was great. And, last in this list, but first always to me, is my husband, Earle Wood, who always encourages me and was kind enough to sit up in the booth and advance my slides for me!

I really hope my newspaper holds more of these public forums in the future. There are so many good topics to cover. With so little news media competition, there’s not a lot of information out in the community about key issues such as crime, education and politics. The newspaper can serve an important role in advancing community debate.

UPDATE, March 30: The website has posted additional video of the event. You can check out my slideshow presentation there.

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