My plan to save newspapers!

Here’s my big plan to save newspapers.

OK, OK, my plan isn’t going to save newspapers. But it certainly could help.

To explain my idea, first I want you to picture your local grocery store. Giant, Safeway, Mars, doesn’t matter.

Now, where are the newspapers?

If your grocery store is like every single one I’ve ever been in, the newspapers are on your way out — after the checkout and right before the exit door.

Now, who in the world would look at a newspaper in that spot (as you’re putting your change away and trying to remember where you parked) and say: “Yes! I must pick up a newspaper and go back in line to pay for it!”? Nobody!

Occasionally on Sundays, I’ll see portable racks with The Baltimore Sun at the front of the checkout line. That’s a good spot! Shoppers can pick up the paper and check it out while they are waiting — and hopefully buy a copy. (It’s certainly better reading than most of the magazines they sell in line.)

But the rest of the time, newspapers are in the crappiest spot in the entire store.

Maybe, just maybe, newspaper publishers could get together and try to get better placement in grocery stores.

Now, I’m sure there are a zillion factors about the grocery business that I can’t even guess. I’m sure products battle for prime spots inside a grocery store.

But it’s worth a shot, right? Or am I crazy?

NOTE: I should give credit to my wonderful, friendly liquor store, Chesapeake Liquors. They place the newspapers right inside the front door. You have to look at them before you get to the alcohol. Also, the Wawa in Annapolis has the newspapers right next to the busy deli counter, which I think is brilliant placement.

2 thoughts on “My plan to save newspapers!

  1. Pam, you are so right. I can’t imagine going through a whole big grocery order, then realizing after I already paid that I really needed to buy a newspaper. I’m certainly not going to load up my car and go back in. The only thing I can think is that stores demand slotting fees for shelf space, but may charge less or even nothing for space by the door. Newspapers may have done some analysis and realized it’s more cost-effective to sell them there. But I don’t see how it helps get your circ figures up.

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