A reporter’s exciting life

Lest you think a reporter’s life is full of chasing down fires and pushing politicians to tell the truth, I’ve snapped two photos of my journalistic life this week.

Wednesday: Maryland Oyster Advisory Commission.
Thursday: Fort George G. Meade Restoration Advisory Board

Ahh, so exciting, yes?

Seriously, these two meetings involved people discussing pretty important stuff — the attempts to revive the Chesapeake Bay’s oysters and the ongoing cleanup of scores of environmental problems at a military post. But it takes some stamina and geekiness to make it through endless PowerPoint presentations and translate it into the stories you read in the newspaper.

As another reporter recently said, we go to meetings so you don’t have to. Aren’t you glad?

4 thoughts on “A reporter’s exciting life

  1. I think a reporter’s life is interesting. Meeting new people and learning new things helps make writing a worthwhile endeavor.

    1. Luckily, most of my time reporting is more interesting than those photos. What I love most about my job is doing something different each day. I like meeting new people and learning new things. Plus, as I like to say, I get paid to go fishing and to wander around in the woods!

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