Two sides to every story … or photo

I wanted to share an amusing set of photos from last week.

The governor held a press conference about oysters at the Annapolis  Maritime Museum. Before he went to the podium, he stopped to chat with some kids.

I already had my camera ready, so I crouched down to take some pictures. Photos with interaction like that are approximately one zillion times better than photos of someone speaking at a podium.

As I was shooting, I saw the governor’s photographer was directly across from me getting the same shot from the other side.

I felt bad that I was in his shot, but I figured I had a job to do and as long as I wasn’t in his way, blocking his shot, then I’d keep shooting.

Of course, I had the same issue — he was in my shot. I tried to get the governor and the kids in the picture, but not the photographer.

Anyway, here are the photos that resulted. First is mine and second* is from the governor’s photographer. You’ll see that the governor’s photographer has a better shot because you can see the faces of the kids and the governor’s face, too.

You can see the governor's photographer just behind the governor -- look for the camera.
Can you spot me shooting photos? Hint: I'm wearing red. (Photo courtesy of Governor 's Office.)

* Photos from the governor’s office are available for download for personal, noncommercial use. As I don’t make any money from this blog and there is no advertising on my website, I believe I am following the governor’s office’s guidelines.

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