Duck tales

It seems readers always love a critter story. Or two. Or in my case — three!

A silly mallard duck led me on a series of three stories in recent days.

Ducks on a roof. The joys of covering urban wildlife!

The female duck decided to set up house and lay eggs on the fifth-floor green roof* of an office building in the middle of Annapolis.

Mother mallard ducks take their ducklings to water one or two days after hatching, so naturally, employees in the building worried how in the world she’d ever get her babies down.

The duck and ducklings went through quite a bit of drama, which ended up taking up a whole bunch of real estate in the newspaper.

I won’t re-tell the stories here. Rather, I’ll send you over to my newspaper’s website so you can read them there.  Enjoy!

Duck tales, part 1: Mama duck nests on a roof.

Duck tales, part 2: Ducklings emerge and a rescue proves more difficult than expected.

Duck tales, part 3: Mama duck and ducklings encounter a storm drain, firefighters, an egg crate, a cemetery and a fox.

These little fluffballs make for a compelling story. Or three.

*A “green roof” is covered by plants that soak up rainwater, which otherwise would wash off the rooftop and rush along roads and paved surfaces, where it would pick up pollutants before ending up in a stream, creek or river. Urban and suburban stormwater runoff is the only major source of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay that is increasing, and green roofs are one way to attack the problem.

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