A big dose of sadness

You never know what the weekend breaking news shift will bring.

On Friday night, it brought me a whole bunch of sadness.

I was sent out to cover a candlelight vigil that was held in memory of a 2-year-old girl, Amoir Faith Turner, who was found dead last weekend. She was beaten to death, allegedly at the hands of her mother’s 17-year-old boyfriend, a child himself.

A sad story makes A1.

I’d followed the case all week, as it was reported by my colleagues. The discovery of the little girl, the arrest of the boyfriend, the bail review. Friday night was the first time, however, that I got involved in covering the story.

As I watched and waited for the vigil to begin, I noticed so many little kids running around — many of them the same age as Amoir. I thought about how it could have been one of them.

And then I thought of all the little kids I know.

I don’t have any children, but I am fortunate to know a wonderful bunch of nieces, nephews, godchildren and other little friends. Man, are they a cast of characters — sweet, funny, micheivous, smart, cute. And I adore each and every one of them. How can anyone hurt a precious 2-year-old girl, who is just like the little ones I know and love?

As I told my husband about Amoir and the vigil, he said, “Oh man, that’s just like” and named one of our little friends. He, too, is baffled at how someone can hurt an adorable little toddler.

I think just about everyone has that reaction. And while these stories are difficult to write — I honestly cannot think too hard about it, or I can’t write the story — that’s why they are so important. Our community needs to know when these terrible crimes happen against children.

Here’s my story, and here’s a slideshow of great photos by photographer Joshua McKerrow.

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