Check me out on The Daily Camden

The Daily Camden is a neat feature on the fun website Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!

Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! is about all things Baltimore, “from the charming to the alarming,” as the site advertises.

Earlier this year, I heard an interview on 88.1 WYPR (the local NPR station) with Rafael Alvarez, a writer who is one of the site’s creators. He explained the new feature called The Daily Camden.

Each day, a different photographer is tasked with making a picture at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The idea is that the ballpark is a landmark that everyone knows, pretty much everyone has been to, but how much do we really think about it?

I immediately fell in love with the idea, contacted Rafael and got on the list. I like concept of a collaborative, community art project. My day came up yesterday — Fourth of July when the Orioles were away playing in Boston.

This was a challenge because there are no ballplayers and few people. The people really give life to the stadium.

I decided to sign up for a ballpark tour, so I’d have a chance to see all sorts of ins and outs of the stadium. The tour was great and I actually learned a lot while shooting. Interestingly, my husband and I were the only Baltimoreans and Orioles fans in our group! Oddly enough, we were outnumbered by Boston people. (It figures!)

I sent three pictures to Rafael for consideration, and he picked my favorite, a neat shot of empty seats, which is now posted on the website. I’m including the other two here.

The Light Rail train claims to be the "Birdland Express." But I find taking the train to ballgames is not as easy as the MTA claims. But at least it's not the MARC ...

This board in the pressbox shows the stats from July 1, the last time the Orioles were home. The board shows 3B Josh Bell in the major league line-up for the first time. My ballpark tour leader explained the board is never wiped clear until the next home game.

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