Doing a nerdy journalism dance

One of my coworkers just alerted me that a “tweet” I posted earlier today made it to the Romenesko blog.

For nonjournalists, Jim Romenesko publishes a blog about media industry news. Everyone in the news biz reads it. Seriously, everyone. Not an exaggeration at all.

One of the big topics on Romenesko’s eponymous blog today was about NBA star LeBron James announcing his free-agent move to the Miami Heat and how the media covered it.

This morning, I saw a link to the front page of The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland, the home of thousands of Cavaliers fans who were jilted by James.

The front page is elegant, simple and powerful, with a photo of James in uniform walking away. The only text is a one-word headline — “Gone” — and a small caption pointing to James’ hand reading, “7 years, $62 million, no rings.”

I thought the design of the page was sheer genius and shared my thoughts on Twitter, writing: “Best thing about the #LeBron train wreck? Today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer front page.” And I included a link to the page.

Somehow Romenesko saw my tweet and included it with other tweets praising the design.

For a few quick internet moments, I’m currently grouped with awesome journalists such as Pulitzer Prize-winner Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post. Wooo! Hence, my happy little journalism nerd dance. Nice way to end the workweek.

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