You never know when news will happen

I just wanted to share this, because it’s a little funny.

You never know when or where news will happen. I’ve gotten phone calls about news events at weird moments.

Now, I almost always have a writing implement and a notepad with me. But note I said almost always. Sometimes you’ve got to use whatever you’ve got at hand.

While cleaning out my car, I found this scribbled bit of note-taking about a minor fire call. It was written on the back of a Baltimore Orioles ticket envelope!

Sometimes you've got to take notes with whatever is at hand -- even a Baltimore Orioles ticket envelope.

4 thoughts on “You never know when news will happen

  1. I had this little tiny memo notebook I carried around for shopping lists, etc. – but it saved me several times when I’d somehow find myself at a meeting or interview without my actual notebook!

  2. Hi Pam!

    I almost always have at least two or three partly filled notebooks in the car.

    This most recently helped me immensely a couple months ago when I was at a meeting with a nearly filled notebook and someone from the neighborhood called about a fire I had heard about briefly before heading into the meeting. I’ve trained him well – he said, “Um, I think you might want to get over here. I think there’s a story. A woman just pulled a baby out of this rowhome. I have her name and number.”

    Everyone in the neighborhood, including the heroine, was in the street talking about what happened. I told Rick Hutzell he would have had what The Sun had if I were not there.

    So you’re not the only one who knows the value of having extra notebooks on hand, especially when it comes to fires! 🙂

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