Life as a reporter during election season

I’ve been quite busy at work lately. I’ve had fewer bylines, but it has taken more work and more time to get those stories out.

Even though I’m not a political reporter, the upcoming election has found its way into my beat.

Here in Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay is our heart and soul. So the environment becomes a political issue.

What are the candidates’ environmental promises? What are their environmental accomplishments? I spent last week working on those questions.

I’d like to share a few photos from my efforts on the political-environmental front.

First, I spent Monday night covering a county executive candidates’ forum on environmental issues. I shot video, and this is what that looked like:

Recording County Executive debate, photo by multimedia journalist and environment reporter Pamela Wood.

Next, this is former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. speaking at a class at Towson University:

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich lectures at Towson University, photo by multimedia journalist and environment reporter Pamela Wood.

I interviewed the two candidates for governor for an article on their environmental promises.

I drove an hour up to Towson, then observed the nearly hour-long class, in order to have a shot at a few minutes afterward to ask Ehrlich questions. (Thankfully, a family friend loaned me a parking pass, which made my life easier.)

That’s kind of how things go for reporters late in an election season.

I had evening plans in Towson later that night, so rather than head back to the office, I set up camp in the Towson Library to work. Here’s what that looked like:

Laptop set up at the Towson Library, photo by multimedia journalist and environment reporter Pamela Wood.

I also had an interview with Gov. Martin O’Malley this week, along with the State House reporter from my paper.

That was cool because I finally got to see the interior offices on the second floor of the State House, where the governor and his staff work.

I didn’t take a picture of that, though. They probably would have kicked me out!

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