Stay tuned …

I don’t know why I agreed to finish up a major reporting project for the newspaper and cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20-plus people in the same week. But I did.

Note to self: Don’t agree to wicked deadlines during a holiday week!

But I’m proud to say that I turned in my major project late Monday night, and so far, my editor doesn’t hate it. We’re tweaking it and pulling all the pieces together this week.

So for my readers in Annapolis and Anne Arundel, be sure to look for my project in The Sunday Capital this weekend.

I don’t think I can tell you much about it yet, but it’s an environmental story in an area and on a topic that I don’t write enough about. It involved doing a ton of research, reading lots of documents, conducting lots of interviews. This is the hardest I’ve worked on a story since I did a series “inside the walls” of the Jessup prisons back when I was at the Maryland Gazette.

Oh, and the project will include a Google Map. You may remember that I am a wicked fanboy (fangirl?) of Google Maps, which I used to plot sewage spills and fines (or lack of fines) over the summer.

As my brain recovers from all the reporting and writing and rewriting and mapping, I’m now delving into turkey mode. I nailed down the last major tasks Tuesday (Turkeys, check! Chairs, check!) and wrote up my game plan for the big day. Here’s wishing everyone a nice holiday!

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