How did you get here?

One fun thing about having a blog is reviewing the analytics and seeing how people end up here.

I’m sometimes surprised at the search terms that lead people to my blog.

For example, I bet you’ll be surprised, too, to hear that the top search term that drives people here is Bud Light Limeys. Earlier this year, I wrote a blog criticizing public grammatical gaffes, including the packaging on beer that read “Bud Light Limey’s.”

The lime-flavored beer is followed closely by variations on “journalism lingo” or “newspaper lingo.” That was one of the most popular blog posts I’ve written this year — a list of various terms used by journalists.

And in third place is my name, which, of course, is good. One of the reasons why I set up this website is to have an online portfolio of my journalism work.

The fourth popular search term is Crownsville Hospital Center. People appear to be searching for photos, patient records and information about the cemetery. They end up here because one of the articles featured on my “stories” page is about the old hospital’s cemetery.

After those four, the search terms drop off dramatically, but some other terms people are searching include: Florence Steffen, who worked in the county police public information office; grammar, which I’ve talked about several times; newspapers; and various people mentioned in my posts, such as Oriole Josh Bell, barber Angelo Calabrese and waterman Patrick Mahoney.

The funniest search term of all shows up just once: “What is the highest ranked rubber rain slicker on the market today?”

I know why a search for “rain slicker” ended up here, but it’s still pretty funny.

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