Blogging on the go

A little while back, I posted a blog about reporting during election season.

The blog included several paragraphs and a few photos — pretty normal. But it was the first blog post composed and posted entirely without a regular computer.

I wrote the text portion using the Notes app on my iPhone. The typing was made easier with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

iPhone and Bluetooth keyboard, photo by multimedia journalist and environment reporter Pamela Wood.
Mobile blogging setup: iPhone with stand, WordPress app, keyboard.

My smart and wonderful husband picked up the keyboard for me after I complained that the inability to type well was a big drawback of the iPhone. The best part about the keyboard is that it is small enough to fit in my largest purse, so I can carry it with me anywhere I go. (Not resolved is the fact that I don’t like to carry large purses!)

The photos in that blog post were all iPhone photos, too. So I was able to take those from my phone and put them right into the WordPress app. Likewise, the text I typed up in Notes was copied and pasted into WordPress.

I actually did the writing and posting of the blog post when I was stuck killing time in a Subway parking lot. Now that’s pretty cool.

The setup is not perfect, of course. The WordPress app had me cursing a big, mainly when it came to photos. But as with anything, the more I use it, the easier it will get.

And, in the end, it worked. That’s what matters most.

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