Dead week is not so dead (so far)

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is not fun for anyone who has to work.

Half the place is gone, there’s not much to do, you keep hearing from friends and family blissfully on vacation. Blech.

For journalists, it stinks extra because not much happens, but there are still pages to fill, websites to update and newscasts to broadcast. You have to put out something.

The folks over at Stuff Journalists Like even wrote a post about this week, which they termed “dead week.”

This year, I’ve been lucky so far that there’s actual news happening. (Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed myself.)

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation decided to release its “State of the Bay” report. (Probably because they know they’ll get good stories from journalists desperate for work.) And more importantly, the EPA is finalizing the Chesapeake Bay “pollution diet” that I’ve been writing about all year. (Thank goodness for the court settlement that set Dec. 31 as the deadline!)

Other reporters have had things going on, too.

Early this morning, there was a fatal shooting at a gas station in Laurel. And each year, the state resets property values for one-third of homeowners in the final week of the year. (Mine dropped 23 percent!) And a cop accused of groping a woman he pulled over is in trouble again.

Let’s hope the rest of the week continues to bless reporters with actual news to cover. Otherwise you’ll be looking at some pretty lame stuff in your local newspaper and local newscast!

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