Video goodness

While covering the big rockfish poaching story this week, I busted out my camera to take still pictures because we unfortunately didn’t have a staff photographer available. While I was there, I decided to shoot some video, too.

I’m pretty proud of the video. My voice-over at the start isn’t so hot (why do I always sound like a robot?) but I liked the part with Sgt. Art Windemuth of the Natural Resources Police. I did about a 5-minute interview with him on camera, and edited it down to the quotes you hear in the final video.

I used my new tripod (Christmas gift from my awesome husband!) to get non-shaky footage. I also remembered that background noise could be an issue, so we went about halfway down the pier — so the sounds of the police officers and the forklift at the dock wouldn’t drown out his voice.

Until I started messing around with video, I never realized how much sound there is out there in the world that we tune out in person, but that can ruin a video. Something as simple as the wind blowing or a computer in the background can mess up a video. I’m glad I remembered that this time.

I hope you’ll check out my video and give it a few clicks.

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