A political joke goes in circles

OK, this is just too funny not to mention.

A mildly funny little blurb I wrote today has spun around in circles today, and it’s been amusing to watch. I’ll see if I can explain it all in order — although I admit, this is all very politically nerdy and journalistically nerdy. So you might not find this as amusing as I do.

I was in the newsroom today, doing work and occasionally checking my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

On Facebook, the Department of General Services posted a link to a job opening that caught my eye. Take a look and you’ll see why:

Look at that URL carefully: “HousekeeperButler-GH.” Hmmm … why would the state government need to hire a butler? What is GH?

The full job listing makes it pretty clear. This is a job ad for a housekeeper/butler at the Governor’s Mansion! (It’s officially called Government House — that’s your “GH.”)

I read the job ad aloud in the newsroom and it piqued everyone’s curiosity. I figured it was perfect fodder for a blog post.

After I wrote up the little blog post, I put links on Facebook and Twitter.

Then I went one step further and posted a tweet directed at the Maryland Republican Party. Why? 1. I thought they’d find it interesting; and, 2. I thought they might drive clicks to our fledgling Capital Politics Blog.

I was right. The Republicans did find it interesting.

I found out via Twitter that they mocked the butler job opening with a parody job ad on the Craigslist page for Annapolis. I saw the tweet because they tagged me in it, so it was highlighted on my Twitter feed.

(The “h/t” means “hat tip” — it’s a Twitter way of saying, “Hey, thanks to this person for pointing this out.”)

Of course, I then retweeted it, so my followers would see my blog again as well as the Republican parody ad response.

Meanwhile, The Baltimore Sun took note and reporter Annie Linskey wrote a blog post about the job ad and the Republican parody ad. And she gave me credit by name for posting the job ad in the first place, which was extra nice.

And how did I find out about The Baltimore Sun blog post? From a Google e-mail alert.

And now I’m writing about this whole little thing on my personal blog. And I’ll post it on Facebook and tweet it.

So, by my count, this little story has moved around something like this: Facebook, newspaper blog, Twitter, Craigslist, Twitter, another newspaper’s blog, Google alert, personal blog, Facebook, Twitter. Phew.

And a little note: If you’re interested in following the Capital Politics Blog, your best bet is to head on over to Facebook and “like” it there. Then you’ll see updates from the blog in your news feed.

You also can directly check the blog on the HometownAnnapolis.com website.

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