Pam on the radio

I had the neat experience today of appearing briefly on “Midday with Dan Rodricks,” a show here in Baltimore on our NPR station, WYPR.

I’d been on TV before and I’d been interviewed for print — but I don’t recall ever having been on the radio.

It was a little nerve-wracking, but fun. I hope to do it again.

Dan, the host, asked me via email if I’d appear on his weekly news roundup hour to talk about hydraulic fracturing, which is a controversial way of drilling for natural gas that’s being considered for Western Maryland.

I haven’t followed the fracking* debate super in-depth because it’s out of my main territory, but I’d written about it some, including two blog posts this week. But I knew enough to talk for a few minutes on the radio.

Still, I wanted to be prepared, so I spent part of my morning reading up on what’s going on with fracking, especially in other states that also have the potentially natural gas-rich Marcellus Shale formation like Maryland.

As the time drew closer, I actually got a little nervous! Maybe I would have been less nervous if I was talking about a subject I know more about, such as Chesapeake Bay restoration or Anne Arundel politics.

A few minutes before my time, a producer called to get me on the line. I listened to the guest ahead of me, Justin Fenton from The Baltimore Sun, talk about policing issues in the city. Then Dan teased my appearance before a break.

As he came back from the break and introduced me, I had a momentary panic because I didn’t know if my connection was live. But I began to talk and he could hear me, so I breathed a sigh of relief.

We talked for a few minutes and hit the highlights of what’s going on with fracking in Maryland. And it was over pretty quickly.

It was quite fun to be able to share a bit of knowledge with a wider audience than my newspaper. And it was cool to represent my publication.

The news roundup is a neat show. I was impressed with the array of topics that Dan covered with reporters and others: a proposed property tax cut in Baltimore, President Barack Obama visiting the University of Maryland, Baltimore police issues, fracking and more.

At some point, the show will be posted online. I’m dreading a little bit listening to myself … I have this fear that I sound like a 13-year-old girl. My husband assures me that’s not the case. I hope he’s right!


Also, just wanted to share another highlight of my week. Baltimore Orioles centerfielder and top bubblegum bubble-blower Adam Jones visited a local Boys & Girls Club, and I got to cover it.

Jones is a cool dude and clearly enjoyed playing “quickball” with the kids. He brought T-shirts for all of the kids and signed every single one, which I thought was a nice gesture.

Here’s a shot that photographer Paul W. Gillespie took of me interviewing Adam after his event with the kids. The TV team in the picture is from WMAR Channel 2, with Don Harrison behind the camera.

Interviewing Orioles CF Adam Jones at the Bates Boys & Girls Club in Annapolis. Photo by Paul W. Gillespie.


* I can’t say or type “fracking” without thinking of Battlestar Galactica. That makes me a super-mega-nerd.

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