Work pops up in the strangest places

So I enjoyed a lazy, rainy Sunday evening, flipping TV shows for some aimless, mindless entertainment.

I landed on one of those hoarding TV shows and got sucked in. I got sucked in further when one of the hoarders was from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I tried to figure out where exactly on the shore it was, based on those broad, scene-establishing shots they always do. I couldn’t quite figure it out.

That is, I couldn’t figure it out until … wait for it … the TV show interviewed someone I knew!

The person I knew works in the seafood industry and was interviewed not in that capacity at all. He was just a local person confirming that yes, indeed, the subject of the show had a problem with junk in his yard.

I had to pause the TV show and marvel: What are the chances that I would randomly watch a reality/documentary TV show not at all related to my job or my personal life and recognize someone I met on the job?


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