News in my ‘hood — a weird experience

“Hi there! I’m from the Maryland Gazette and The Capital,” I told the firefighter. “Mind if I come up to get a few pictures?”

He looked at me, a bit puzzled. “How’d you get here?” he asked.

You see, there was a gas leak, and I suppose it was a dangerous one, because roads were closed for a good distance in every direction. There’s no way anyone from our newsroom could have gotten to the spot where I was standing.

“Oh,” I said. “I live here.”

Yep, there was a little bit of news in my neighborhood.

I was heading to work a late shift, with an evening hearing on my agenda. But I couldn’t even get out of my neighborhood because of the gas leak near the entrance to the community. So I parked my car, talked to the firefighters and convinced them to let me go a little closer to get photos.

It was kind of amusing at the moment, a little news in my neighborhood. I rushed home and e-mailed my photos to the editors so they could post them online. A reporter already was working on the story. I kept working from home all afternoon on other stories.

But now, as I type, it’s more than four hours later, and there’s still no way to drive in or out of my community. It looks like some people are arriving home from work, parking in an adjacent shopping center and walking through a section of wrought-iron fence that was removed.

And now, that evening hearing I was going to cover is starting and I’m not there. Thankfully, this is one of many ongoing hearings on the issue. And it won’t be decided tonight. So I hope I can make it up to my readers with a great story next time.

Oddly, this is the second time this year my neighborhood has made minor news. There was a multiple-alarm fire at a condo building in the spring. For months, it’s been under construction and it looks like it may be finished soon.

Let’s hope there’s no more news in my ‘hood for awhile.

My neighborhood in the news at

One thought on “News in my ‘hood — a weird experience

  1. As one of the people on scene, it wasn’t puzzling at all, just most of the press people were over on the other side of that road at the command post talking to the PIO. We just just curious how you got over this side. You missed all the action with the accident.

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