The answer to all your problems! (Maybe.)

Are you sick of the endless stream of information rushing at you?

Overwhelmed by tweeted headlines, Facebook links, text message news alerts, e-mail updates and newsletters, radio reports, the nightly TV news, a bunch of blogs to check and the endless pratter on cable TV channels?

Do you ever yearn for something simpler? A way to filter out the static? A convenient, straightforward way to get your news and information?

Imagine a form of news communication that puts all the top stories together in one place, sports together in another place, community news in one group and opinions in another group. The stories are presented in a way that clearly lets you know what’s most important, and the other stuff that’s maybe not crucial to know, but still interesting to read.

Oh, and it showcases brilliant photography, too. And has great listings of community events, ideas of fun things to do.

This product comes out once a day — a summary of what’s happened over the whole span of 24 hours since the last time.

And it doesn’t even use batteries or require a wifi connection or need 3G service. When you’re done, you can pass it along to your spouse. Or kid. Or neighbor.  Nice and easy.

And it costs less than a buck a day! What a deal!

Maybe you should give it a try: Your local newspaper. 🙂

Paper boys in 1912. Photo by Lewis Hine, courtesy of the National Archives via Flickr.


(A little note: This blog post, of course, is not meant to offend all of the varying forms of news media — and new media — that consumers have available to them. There’s great journalism being done across different disciplines and platforms. I’m just trying to have a little fun and promote the good ol’ printed newspaper. And yes — I see the irony of promoting newspapers on a blog.)

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