Covering news during dead week

For the first time since I was in high school, I don’t have to work this week. I’m actually on vacation.

So first, I’d like to give a big, warm shout-out to all of my journalist friends who are trying to scare up interesting stories when the whole world seems to be on vacation. There are no government meetings, sources are out of town and even the police blotter is usually pretty quiet.

The last couple years, I was fortunate that there were big Dec. 31 deadlines for parts of the Chesapeake Bay “pollution diet.” The pollution diet is a federally-mandated program that requires states to cut pollution that harms the bay. So I had some news.

But I’d like to share one of my favorite last-week-of-the-year stories. I found a local yoga center that cancels its regular classes and holds special yoga classes for charity. It was a smart business move to keep customers connected and it benefited local charities, so that worked out pretty well for them. It also was a fun feature to write.

Happy New Year!

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