I love my iPhone, EXCEPT …

I’ve overdocumented my love for my iPhone and how it helps me in my job.

It really is a great phone. Except for that whole thing about how it has a lot of glass in it.

For the record, this is what an iPhone looks like after it smacks into the tile floor of a Panera bathroom.

Photo of broken iPhone by Pamela Wood multimedia journalist
My iPhone had an unfortunate meeting with a tile floor.


Since newspaper reporters aren’t exactly generously paid, I’m trying to hold off on repairing or replacing my phone as long as possible. (I have other things I want to spend my money on!)

Oddly enough, the phone still works beautifully. It thought for sure smashing the screen to smithereens would make the touch aspects fail, but it didn’t. I put a screen protector on it so I wouldn’t cut my fingers while using the phone.

Reporters are used to making do with less-than-ideal equipment. We’ll see how long I last with my less-than-ideal iPhone.

And if you see me using my busted up phone, go ahead and laugh at me. I deserve it!

2 thoughts on “I love my iPhone, EXCEPT …

  1. You can get it fixed at the mall for $150 at Apple or around $100 at one of the kiosks. I have cracks at the top of mine too and am considering the fix too.

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