When it’s 100 degrees, it’s safe to put away the snow pants

Searing, 100-degree heat means it’s definitely summer.

But you wouldn’t know that by looking in the trunk of my car.

I take pride in always being prepared with gear for whatever the news world will throw at me. But this year, I was sluggish in switching from winter gear (snow pants, snow boots, scarves) to summer gear (shorts, sandals, baseball caps).

The ship Zhen Hua 13 carrying four tall cranes bound for the Port of Baltimore squeezes under the Bay Bridge in Annapolis.

I got caught last week when the “monstership” Zhen Hua 13 was coming up the Chesapeake Bay, barely squeezing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge with its cargo of four giant cranes bound for the Port of Baltimore.

To make a long, hot story a short one, I ended up tromping along the beach and the stone jetty and Sandy Point State Park in a skirt and sneakers after I volunteered to help out the reporter on the story. In 100-degree heat.

In the end, I got some cool material, though it didn’t make the paper.

I was also a hot, sweaty mess. It took several minutes in the car, blasting the air conditioning, to cool off enough to not be embarrassed at my next interview.

And I also got a lesson in being prepared. So that night I tossed an extra polo shirt, water-resistant capris and Teva sandals in the trunk. I’ll be ready next time.

The ship Zhen Hua 13 passes by swimmers Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis.

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