Del. Don Dwyer, 10 years ago

Del. Don Dwyer is in the news — not for his conservative principles — but for drinking before being involved in a serious boat crash that sent nine people overboard into the Magothy River.

I’ve known Dwyer professionally for 10 years, perhaps longer than any other reporter. I covered his very first election in 2002 when I was a reporter for the Maryland Gazette. I only interview Dwyer occasionally now, usually when I’m helping out with our State House coverage.

Here’s one of my stories on Dwyer* from 2002, right after he won the race for delegate, which took a lot of people by surprise. Even though it was so long ago, I do remember the interview at his house and many of the things he said. (So often, I look back at stories that old and don’t recall or only have a dim recollection of reporting the story!)

I had an assist on that 2002 story from Jennifer Donatelli, whose work you can see lately over at Glen Burnie Patch.


* I apologize for the awkward formatting on the link.

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