Fun with snakeheads

Over the weekend, I had a story in the paper about the snakehead drama from 2002.

That summer, invasive, predatory snakehead fish were found in a Crofton pond, setting off not only legitimate ecological concerns, but also an insane media frenzy.

I wasn’t covering the environment at the time, but I do remember seeing all the stories about it. And since I’ve been an environment reporter, I’ve written about snakehead issues several times.

I don’t remember exactly how I realized it had been 10 years since the snakehead summer. I stumbled upon the anniversary somehow this fall. I wished I had realized the anniversary sooner — it would have been great to report and publish the story in the summertime.

I had high hopes for this story but wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to with it. It would have been fun to write more about the snakehead fishing tournaments or how the seafood industry has a growing interest in snakeheads.  I would have liked to track down some of the recreational fishermen who caught snakeheads in the pond. Alas, I kept getting diverted from my reporting by Hurricane Sandy, the election, etc.  I should have started work on this sooner!

Still, I think I came up with a pretty fun little story, and hopefully gave people good information about snakeheads.

And if you can’t get enough of snakeheads, check out this Stephen Colbert clip from “The Daily Show” that was aired that summer.

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