Sunflowers, sunflowers, sunflowers.

I was recently reunited with my DSLR camera after sending it to Nikon to fix focusing issues that were driving me batty. I took my newly repaired camera out for a spin over the weekend to the McKee Breshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolesville, where the Maryland Department of Natural Resources plants sunflowers for their habitat benefits.

It’s a great spot to photograph sunflowers because it’s public property and so there’s no chance of trespassing and no chance of ruining someone’s crop. The sunflowers bloom in July, and you can check with the DNR for the exact dates and field locations each year. There is no entrance fee.

Here are some tips from my trip to McKee Breshers:

  • Even though it is HOT in July, wear long pants tucked into boots to avoid bug bites and to prevent scraping up your legs while walking through the fields.
  • Use bug spray and check for bugs. I found a tick crawling on my camera.
  • There are lots of bees, but they are all about the flowers. I shot for two hours and didn’t get any bee stings.
  • Bring a stepstool or small ladder if you want to shoot from above the sunflowers. Many of the plants were 6 feet tall.
  • There are other neat things to see there, too. I walked by some swampy areas that had cool plants and what sounded like bullfrogs.

sunflowers1 - Copy


sunflowers38 copy


sunflowers39 - Copy


sunflowers45 - Copy


Here is DNR’s map of the 2016 sunflower fields. I shot in the field that’s second from the left:

McKee DNR map